Harrisburg, PA

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Serving the State of Pennsylvania
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2017-2018 OFFICERS


President - Dimitri Zozos 717 648-6720

V. President - William Kaldes 717 574-1768
Secretary - Steve Nicholas 717 540-7746
Treasurer - Paul Giannaris 717 303-8409
Chaplain - Dr. Michael Billys 717 856-2553
Corresponding Secretary - Dr. Michael Billys   717 856-2553

Ahepa Chapter #64 of Harrisburg, PA held it’s November Dinner-Meeting at the Tavern On The Hill where 60 Ahepans gathered for an evening of fine dining and fellowhip. These Ahepans were treated to an entree of their particular choice consisting of either Filet Mignon, Lamb Shiskebob, Chicken Proschuitto, or the Fish of the Day. This was provided by the distinguished host Evangelos Daskalakis who was recommended by the previous owner Ahepan brother Kostantinos Giannaris. These entrees were accompanied by a delicious bowl of greek-lemon soup (avgolemono), a Greek salad, a scrumptious dessert, along with soft rolls and refreshing drinks. Secretary Steve Nicholas and Treasurer Paul Giannaris greeted the Ahepans as they entered this fun-filled night of laughter and fellowship. Along with making their entree choices, many Ahepans took the initiative in making their annual 2018 dues payments. Membership/Steering Committee Chairman Dr. Michael Billys and President Dimitri Zozos also greeted the Ahepans, as they settled into a brief cocktail hour which preceded the dinner. This Dinner-Meeting at The Tavern On The Hill was extremely well prepared by our host and his staff who cooked and delivered a superb menu full of absolutely scrumptious entrees for his guests. The servers and other staff were simply outstanding as all who attended were both very pleased and stuffed to the gills!
President Zozos welcomed all guests and hosts to an evening of fellowship and inspiration hosted by the Ahepa Chapter #64 of Harrisburg who offered the meeting for both fellowship and fine dining pleasure. President Zozos then introduced Father Michael Varvarelis who led the group with The Lord's Prayer. Fr. Michael then blessed the food and drink along with expressing a warm greeting to the 60 Ahepans who were in attendance . Fr. Michael then reflected upon how important the Ahepa has been to the Archdiocese and our particular community of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Many distinguished guests were present from the community which included members of many various groups from the church. This prestigious gathering of men then took part in the festivities which included a recitation of a speech delivered by a special guest from Dr. Billys. Dr. Billys introduced a special guest who is a middle school student along with his parents. Prithvi Sudhakar then delivered an amazing speech focused about our American veterans. Prithvi quoted Thucydides, a Greek historian, who said “The bravest are surely those who have the the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet not withstanding go out and meet it.” Prithvi continued speaking very eloquently about the significance of American Patriotism and specifically ‘Veterans Day’. He ended his speech quoting Winston Churchill who reflected about only 1% of the population actually serve in the military “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” Prithvi said he was thrilled and honored to receive a commemorative plate from the Ahepa Chapter #64 for his most enlightening and informative speech.
Dr. Michael Billys, Membership/Steering Committee Chair, was then introduced by President Zozos for an update on current events concerning the Chapter. Dr. Billys proceeded with an informative update on various enterprises concerning the local Chapter. Dr. Billys announced the various Ahepans who have contributed in the ‘special renovation’ project for the Ahepa Room and it’s progress thus far. He then reflected upon the special significance for this particular early November event to honor the Ahepa veterans either who are present or are no longer with us that have served in the military either here in the USA and presented a list of those who have served and are a part of our community. Dr. Billlys noted that we recently honored the veterans during the commemoration of this past October 28th "OXI" Day and the most reverent occasion of our American "Veterans" Day which began at the turn of the century at the end of WWI and was originally called Armistice Day. Secretary Nicholas then presented brother Nick Theofanis with a special recognition plaque for his “Unsung Hero” work throughout the years as our highly cherished photographer not only for Ahepa Chapter #64 but also the entire Holy Trinity community. This served as another highlight in the evening as brother Nick was emotionally taken by this auspicious honor and was visibly moved by the recognition. Nick was so surprised he blurted out “Is this a joke?” as everyone laughed with enthusiasm! Brother Nicholas then introduced Congressman George W. Gekas who introduced the keynote speaker of the evening Senator John DiSanto who gave an inclusive overview of his personal inspiration to become a public servant for the people of his jurisdiction. He has been instrumental in many large-scale philanthropic initiatives, including the contruction of the new Bishop McDevitt High School, along with the building and rehabilitating of homes for Habitat for Humanity. Senator DiSanto has actively supported educational programs, youth athletics, and many charitable causes in our local communities. His presentation was highly enthusiastic and informative citing the many issues concerning the citizens of Pennsylvania but most specifically Dauphin County. Senator DiSanto entertained some questions from the brothers and was widely applauded for his honesty concerning the issues.
Fr. Michael Varvarelis then offered the closing prayers. Our next Ahepa meeting will be held for the Ahepan membership only which will take place on Monday evening December 11th at 6:30 pm at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Michael Billys, Chaplain
Membership/Steering Committee Chairman
Ahepa Chapter #64 of Harrisburg, PA
(717) 856-2553

Greetings Ahepan Brothers and Wishing Y'All Well Wishes for a Wonderful Week!

Please check out some of John's history with the Shippensburg Teaching College and what John contributed as a benefactor during his tenure as an alumnus! There will be more information to follow as we are anxiously awaiting that glorious day when we honor John in a spiritual and fraternal way next month! The blessing at church on Sunday, September 24th and at Boomerang's for the Dinner-Meeting on Monday evening, September 25th! Mark Your Calendars Brothers!! Have a wonderful week!

-Please See Attached- which reveals some of John's history!!! Thanks!

Brother Mike

Prokov information


Press Release: On Sunday, June 11th, 2017 directly following the Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinty Cathedral in Camp Hill, Pa., the Ahepa Chapter #64 of Power District #4 respectively delivered 36 scholarships to the deserving awardees who were successfully approved by the Ahepa Scholarship Committee composed of Nick Stamos, Chairman, Dr. Michael Billys, Ted Giovannis, and Nick Mallos. President Dimitri Zozos and Secretary Steve Nicholas of Chapter #64 were also very involved in all the significant preparation for this event. The Scholarship Committee presented 3 College Merit awards and 5 High School Merit awards. Also presented were 19 additional College General and 9 High School General awards. These were the highest to date over the past 4 years since the inception of the Ahepa Prokop/Vladyka Scholarship Program of Chapter #64. This year's total amount delivered was $29,800. Total awarded has been $72,800 over these past 4 years. Following this proud presentation, Father Michael Varvarelis with all Ahepans in attendance invited the parents and family members as well as the entire parish community to the fellowship hour in the community center presented in honor of the awardees. Respectfully submitted: Dr. Michael Billys, Ed.D Membership Committee Chairman

Scholarship Recipients

Ahepa Chapter #64 of Harrisburg, PA Celebrates Greek Independence Day at the PA Capital


Press Release:

            On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 eight Ahepan brothers from our local Ahepan Chapter #64 of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania along with a delegation from various parishes from the Pittsburgh Metropolis embarked on a visit to the State Capitol of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to celebrate the 196th Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence which started on March 25th, 1821. This group which included a young man Angelos Giannaris who was dressed as an “evzone” a Greek soldier enjoyed the opportunity to be welcomed by Senator Mike Regan and many other distinguished dignitaries representing the State government of Pennsylvania at the State Capitol.  Representatives Sheryl Delozier, Ryan Mckenzie, and Greg Rothman along with State Senator Mike Regan joined the delegation to commemorate Greek Independence Day. The Proclamation was then presented to Supreme Governor Anthony Drakos and District Governor Alex Barlamas of Pennsylvania Ahepan Jurisdictions of Pennsylvania. Lt. Colonel Nestoras Vargemizis of the Hellenic along with AHEPAns Dr. Michael Billys and Tom Paparoidamis who represented the Hellenic community were also honored by the House of Representatives. A Proclamation was then signed by Gov. Tom Wolf to Commemorate Greek Independence Day of 2017.

Father Michael Varvarelis gave the Opening Prayer opening the session of the House declared by Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Turzai while remarking how Greece was under the domination of the Ottoman Turks for over 400 years then finally declared it’s freedom on that particular day in 1821. It took 8 years until this War was finally won in 1829. This was a very important step for the world’s insistence in ‘freedom and democracy’ for the entire world to see. Greece showed both courage and faith in its declaration on that important day in 1821 and this recognition is an honor for the entire Greek community of the world.

A photo session was convened at the Rotunda area in front of the indoor Capitol steps for the first item on the agenda where Senator Regan addressed the group and honored the Greeks by reiterating society’s appreciation for the Greek community at large. This was immediately followed by an extensive tour of the State Capital along with the Senate Chamber and Supreme Court Chamber. Speaker of the House Mike Terzai introduced Representative Sheryl Delozier who gave an inspirational speech for the resolution for the Proclamation for Greek Independence Day on this day. Deputy Majority Whip Rep. Ryan Mackenzie along with Rep. Greg Rothman also stood before the House formally introducing our group. Rep. Mckenzie who spoke so eloquently last year is also an Ahepan Chapter President also gave very inspirational remarks including that “over 1.3 million Greek-Americans call Pennsylvania home”. AHEPANS Supreme Governor Anthony Drakos, District Governor Alex Barlamas, Dr. Michael Billys, and Tom Paparoidamis were then invited to the podium to be recognized by the full membership of this highly esteemed House of Representatives.  They were welcomed by a round of applause from the entire body of the House. Rep. Delozier then read the proclamation out loud to the entire House chamber recognizing the Greek Independence Day of March 25th, 1821 which was also loudly applauded. Other AHEPAns in attendance were Chapter #64 President Dimitri Zozos, Col. George Jatras, Prof. George Papacostas, and Treasurer Paul Giannaris ‘father of his young evzone’! Hellenic Army Colonel Aristos Perris along with his daughter Theoni Perris also represented the Hellenic Army.

Submitted by:
Dr. Michael Billys
Chaplain, Ahepa Chapter #64 of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

AHEPA wishes everyone a Kalo Mina! May you have a truly wonderful month of April, 2017 and a Kalo Pascha wishes for the entire community! Attention all Ahepans! Your attendance at our Steering Committee and Chapter meetings in February and March was duly noted and truly appreciated. Our Ahepa Chapter #64 is very pleased to support the recently formed Ahepa Prokop/Vladyka Commemorative Committee which is composed of brothers Dimitri Zozos, Nickolas Stamos, Christ Megoulas, and William Kaldes. The Committee will work closely with the Holy Trinity Cathedral Parish Council Prokop/Vladyka Committee to honor the long time parishioner and Ahepan John Prokop and his sister Freda Vladyka who made an extremely generous monetary contribution to both our Cathedral and  Ahepa Chapter #64 of Harrisburg, PA. The mutual benefits from the Prokop/Vladyka donations have been truly enormous and appreciated by our entire Holy Trinity and Ahepa Chapter #64 community. It has been a welcome addition to the Ahepa Scholarship program and to the beautification of our Cathedral.

The Ahepa Chapter #64 of Harrisburg is also very proud to report that 11 representatives attended the Greek Independence Day Commemoration at the State Capital which was also attended by 2 highly esteemed officials representing the National Headquarters and Power District #4 of Pennsylvania. Supreme Governor Region 2 Anthony J. Drakos and District Governor Alex Barlamas along with 9 Ahepans from our own Ahepa Chapter #64.

The Ahepa Chapter #64 extends it's sincere gratitude to Brother Nick Theofanis who was instrumental in organizing this event.  Brother Nick organized a fantastic program which included support from Pennsylvania Sen. Mike Regan along with Pennsylvania Representatives Ryan McKenzie, Greg Rothman, and Sheryl Delozier who read the Resolution. We also thank the Lietuenant Governor of PA Mike Stack who hosted our group and gave the tour of the Capital. We thank the 9 fellow Ahepans who attended the Greek Independence Day Commemoration at the Capital. These Ahepans were Dimitri Zozos, Dr. Michael Billys, John Harbilas, Paul Giannaris, Col. George Jatras, Prof. George Papacostas, Nick Theofanis, Tom Paparoidamis, and William Kaldes.

Sunday, April 9th - Palm Sunday – at the Holy Trinity Cathedral
Saturday, May 20th Church Festival -2 buses – Holy Trinity Cathedral
Sunday,  September 16th -- First Sunday of the Ecclesiastical Year– Holy Trinity Cathedral
Sunday, December 24th – Holy Trinity Cathedral

Monday, April 24th -- Membership Meeting – Ahepa Room
Sunday,  May 28th  -- Ahepa Day-Memorial Day Commemoration - Cathedral 
Monday, June 5th   -- Membership Meeting – Ahepa Room
Sunday,  June 11th  -- Ahepa Prokop/Vladyka Scholarship Award Program - Cathedral

Respectfully submitted,
Dr.Michael C. Billys,Ed.D.
Chaplain of Ahepa #64 of Harrisburg, PA                                                                                                      
(717) 856-2553

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AHEPA Mission Statement:

To promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, integrity,
and family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism.